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Age of Invisible Machines: A Practical Guide to Creating a Hyperautomated Ecosystem of Intelligent Digital Workers

By Robb Wilson & Josh Tyson

Age of Invisible Machines is the rare book about technology that’s become a Wall Street Journal bestseller in the business category. A sought-after must-read for CTOs, CIOs, and CEOs, this is the book that anyone who’s serious about the future integration of business and technology needs to read.

There are plenty of books about artificial intelligence that delve into its predictive capabilities and prowess for managing data, but that’s only a piece of the story. Conversational AI allows people to leverage technology by simply asking for its help. Rather than humans having to learn computer languages, computers can speak ours. Organizations that are equipped to leverage conversational AI will be able to create their own automations—in essence writing their own software—using code free development tools. This radical shift has unleashed a new technology landscape where interfaces recede from view and our lives become greatly enhanced by invisible machines.

Author Robb Wilson is the visionary behind, the highest scoring company in Gartner’s 2022 Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms report. processed more than 1.5 billion conversations in 2021 alone, and Age of Invisible Machines features insights drawn from over 20 years in conversational artificial intelligence, including two million hours of testing with 30 million people. In this unique book, Wilson shares the critical insights he gained on his journey to the top, alongside an eye-opening and startlingly insightful blueprint for leveraging this next wave of disruptive technologies.

With a growing ecosystem of interconnected automations accelerating all aspects of operations, you can make your organization increasingly self-driving. This critically-acclaimed book shows you the way.

Learn how to develop a strategy for hyperautomation by identifying the outdated processes and systems holding your organization back. Discover ways of internalizing and orchestrating new technologies that are force-multipliers for rapid growth. Debunk common myths about conversational AI while laying bare the inevitable complexity of restructuring your business. Unlock the massive opportunities this new era affords.

Age of Invisible Machines: A Practical Guide to Creating a Hyperautomated Ecosystem of Intelligent Digital Workers

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