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Alternative Medical Apocrypha

By Stewart A. Swerdlow

Your Missing Link to Permanent Health & Healing Mind-Pattern Analysis All Health & Healing is Within You You Already Have Your Solutions NOW is the time for you to Unlock & Interpret Your Personal Health Secrets for Your Self Everything in the outer world only exists as a reflection of what is already within you. Medications, plants, herbs, food, vitamins and minerals can be wonderful boosts to the Mind-Pattern when used correctly and in balance. But nothing external ever permanently cures any physical illness or disease until you address the mental/emotional reasons for the physical condition in the first place. In this ground-breaking book of Mind-Pattern Analysis, you are going to finally understand what you can do to reverse any negative physical condition within your body. Body always follows Mind. Mind comes first. Discover where your Mind is leading your body as well as what you can do to mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually increase your health and vitality on all levels. Your Personal Health Secrets are so Obvious that you will be amazed at what you have overlooked.