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Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports

By Corey Lynn

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports” by investigative journalist Corey Lynn delves deep into the intricate web of digital identities and the looming global social credit system. This meticulously researched work uncovers the globalist agenda to harness vaccine ID passports, QR codes, blockchain digital identities, and central bank digital currencies as tools for an all-encompassing digital control system. Lynn paints a vivid picture of a world where every facet of an individual’s life, from basic necessities to personal freedoms, is governed by this system, likening it to modern-day slavery. Yet, amidst the stark revelations, the book also offers a beacon of hope, emphasizing resistance through non-compliance. Corey Lynn, renowned for her in-depth analyses on her platform, Corey’s Digs, has been guiding readers through obscured truths since 2018. Her work spans various domains, including education, health, technology, and human trafficking, always aiming to enlighten and inspire change. A regular voice on The Solari Report, Lynn’s commitment to unveiling hidden narratives and championing solutions makes this book a must-read for those seeking to understand the digital shifts in our global landscape.

Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports

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