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How to Bomb the U.S. Government

By Sam Hyde, Nick Rochefort, and Charls Carroll

Embark on a journey through the unconventional minds of MDE in this audacious literary piece. Crafted during a tumultuous period between 2012 and 2016, this book serves as a bold critique against the perplexities of modern Toxic Hellworld Culture™. From the pitfalls of financial mismanagement to the absurdities of cybernetic enhancements, this work delves into the myriad of issues plaguing contemporary society with a blend of dark humor and unfiltered commentary.

Comprising 744 pages of sheer hilarity, this book promises to evoke bouts of uncontrollable laughter. It’s not just a book; it’s a testament to four years of relentless creativity, presenting content too raw for any other medium. Dubbed as MDE’s magnum opus, this work is a testament to their comedic genius.

With an exquisite design crafted by The Royal Studio in Portugal, renowned for their avant-garde aesthetics, this book is not just a read but a visual treat. Every page resonates with the passion and dedication of its creators, reminiscent of the emotions of a first kiss or the nostalgia of a cherished memory. Dive into this masterpiece and discover a world that challenges, entertains, and inspires. Whether you’re seeking a hearty laugh or a weapon of wit against adversaries, this book is your ally. Embrace the essence of independent comedy and support a movement that dares to be different.

How to Bomb the U.S. Government