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Neither Safe Nor Effective: The Evidence Against the COVID Vaccines

By Dr. Colleen Huber

Governments in Europe and North America have released data on COVID vaccines’ effects on people who took them. Screenshots of those pages back up the material in this book.

Are the COVID vaccines safe?
Do they meet the Bradford Hill causation criteria regarding reported health events following the vaccines?
What happened in the Pfizer study?
What happened in the animal studies?
Colleen Huber, NMD is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and medical expert witness in court cases related to vaccine safety concerns and events. To prepare testimony for court cases, Dr. Huber cites and compiles vital statistics and other data from governments around the US and the world, as well as data from vaccine manufacturers.
Be sure you have all of the available and pertinent information on the COVID vaccines before your final decision is made.