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Pineal Gland – A 360° Analysis: Review on how to descale, purify, detoxify, and activate the third eye

By Evelyn Schneider-Mark

We are equipped with a wonderful little organ in our brain, the functions of which are overwhelming. Who would have thought that our spiritual life, our consciousness needs so little space?

The interaction between the hormones and neurotransmitters in our pineal gland is so impressive, it controls our natural rhythm and regeneration process, dreams and spiritual experiences are born here and it controls our consciousness.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could train and influence this organ in order to expand your consciousness and perceive your surroundings much more clearly?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could increase your consciousness significantly with just a few simple changes to your life?

About the author of the book, Evelyn Schneider-Mark:

Ever since she completed her studies to be a Naturopath and subsequently gained a degree in Psychology, over 30 years ago, she has been interested in marginal medical, psychological, spiritual and esoteric themes, which are often hidden from the main stream, but which are scientifically well accepted.

She teaches this knowledge, not only to her students, but also reaches a wider audience in Germany with her various publications. In her books, she writes about subjects, the positive effects of which are widely unknown and on which she can pass on her own experiences. All of her publications, therefore, are based on indisputable scientific facts, but also encompass her own very personal experiences and knowledge.

Look forward to reading a lot of background information, experience reports, step-by-step instructions and secret tips which are tailor-made to your pineal gland and help you to become more conscious and spiritual.

This guide will explain the scientific fundamentals of the pineal gland and how you can optimally activate your “third eye.”

Pineal Gland – A 360° Analysis: Review on how to descale, purify, detoxify, and activate the third eye