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Pizzagate: The Complete Story

By Ace of Swords

In this second edition of the definitive summary of the cultural phenomenon known as Pizzagate, readers will find all-new images as well as updated facts illuminated as a result of the 2019 arrest of accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. With the takedown of Epstein revealing links to politicians, media moguls, retail titans, royalty, and other luminaries, one of the central theses of Pizzagate has become alarmingly plausible: that pedophilia plays a fundamental role in the highest centers of global power.

Derived from the work of a pseudonymous blogger called Ace of Swords reporting on an obscure blog now purged from the web by its owners for fear of political retribution, Pizzagate: The Complete Story is the most comprehensive summary of one of the most controversial conspiracy theories of all time. From 4Chan to The New York Times, all the way to a real-life gunman storming a pizza joint in Washington, D.C., this is Ace’s full report.

Whether it was a fake news hoax, an example of how conspiracy theories harm real people, or a genuine case of ritual child abuse and trafficking among global elites, you’ll see how Pizzagate unfolded and what it — and the reaction to it — reveals about the 21st-century cultural zeitgeist.

Read it and draw your own conclusions. Whatever you believe, one thing is for sure: the intersection of politics, journalism, conspiracy theory culture, and the World Wide Web just doesn’t get any stranger than Pizzagate.

With the original blog erased and its author banned from social media during Big Tech’s early 2021 censorship mania, this book is one of the last remaining ways for readers to access this essential summary in full.