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Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK?

By Mark Lane

In this bestseller, Plausible Denial reveals starting new information about the Central Intelligence Agency’s role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Mark Lane, author of Rush to Judgment, previously revealed the cover-up by the government in his critique of the Warren Commission Report. Now he reveals documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and startling revelations obtained during his examination of former CIA operatives and officials during Lane’s legal defense of a newspaper in a defamation case. A Washington D.C. based newspaper published a story written by former CIA operative Victor Marchetti linking ex-CIA operative and convicted Watergate burglar E. Howard Hunt to the assassination of JFK. When Hunt sued the newspaper for printing a false story about him, Lane set out to prove the truth of the allegations involving Hunt and the CIA. In the build-up to the trial, Lane subpoenaed and deposed some of the highest echelon of CIA agents and leaders including Richard Helms, David Atlee Phillips, G. Gordon Liddy and Hunt himself. The defense led by Lane was victorious, demonstrating the conspiracy and cover-up. After the verdict, the jury forewoman stated that Lane “was asking us to do something very difficult. He was asking us to believe that John Kennedy had been killed by our own government. Yet when we examined the evidence, we were compelled to conclude that the CIA had indeed killed President Kennedy.” Continuing its tradition of suppressing the truth about the assassination, the establishment media barely noted this historic conclusion. Compelling and articulately written, Lane again leads the way to uncovering the ongoing vast conspiracy to censor the role played by our government in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Plausible Denial: Was the CIA Involved in the Assassination of JFK?

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