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The Occult Sciences – A Compendium of Transcendental Doctrine and Experiment

By Arthur Edward Waite

This extensive guide to all things occult deals with magical practices, spiritualism, mesmerism, theosophy, necromancy, and much more.

First published in 1923, The Occult Sciences is written by scholarly mystic and poet, A. E. Waite. The prolific writer published many works on occult subjects and co-created the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. His vast knowledge of the occult is evident in this informative volume, and he touches on many topics including crystal-gazing and alchemy.

This reference guide’s contents include:

– Magic: Definitions- White Magic: The Evocation of Angels- White Magic: The Evocation of the Spirits of The Elements- Black Magic: The Evocation of Demons- Necromancy: The Evocation of the Souls of the Dead- Secret Sciences in Connection With Magic- Alchemy- The Elixir of Life- Crystallomancy- The Composition of Talisman