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The Power of Then: Revealing Egypt’s Lost Wisdom- Revised and Updated

By Howdie Mickoski

The wisdom of Ancient Egypt has rarely been presented from so many perspectives. Here through over 500 pages and 200 photographs, comes the view needed to help unlock the wisdom secrets of the past. Using Hermeticism, Alchemy, Shamanism, Zen, Advaita, Taoism and sever other traditions- what the temples, tombs and texts of Egypt were pointing at might now be a bit closer to understanding.

The Power of Then-Revealing Egypt’s Lost Wisdom, looks not just at Ancient Egypt, but uses sites and mythology from all over the world to look into the wisdom of the ancients. The Maya and Toltec of Mexico show Egyptian similarity, from sites from Teotihuacan to Palenque. European stone circles provide a link to Native Indian Medicine Wheels and even Chinese acupuncture. Hawaii’s myths reveal Egyptian-like sameness.

Howdie Mickoski spent over 10 years studying texts, reliefs and ancient sites to present this book, less a set of answers but what might be described as a book attempting to locate better questions. Then showing other examples in other civilizations and teachings that have answers for such questions- then see what might be applied to the ancient world.

Fully revised and updated in 2018, the book now examines if ancient Pyramid fields were really built in the time suggested- or if the dates of almost all of them must be pushed back by thousands of years. He unravels the Pyramid Texts, Book of the Dead and Book of What is in the Duat- to show their pointers to what today can be called Awakening and the nature of Absolute Reality.